CEE Himalaya and disaster risk reduction
2018-10-08 - 219 Views
The awareness programme in the village focused on DRR preparedness, improving water, sanitation and hygiene. Resource persons from DRR, environmental conservation, water sanitation, hygiene and livelihood support addressed the gathering and told various opportunities that the villages can take advantage of. Discussions were held with the Gram Panchayat, Gram Sabha members and the villagers regarding the preparation of an action plan, to be implemented by CEE.
The relocation of 200 houses in the flood zone was a primary concern and solutions such as shifting the houses in a flood safe zone were discussed by Gram Pradhan. Sanitation, hygiene and accessibility to the villages were other concerns raised by the villagers. Open defecation is a major issue in these villages, as constructed toilets are not used by all the members of the family. Women and children were educated about hygiene practice including how to use of toilets, and the importance of handwashing.
The women actively participated in various activities and were given information on the available resources in their village. Various alternative livelihood options were also discussed, such as embroidery, knitting and needlework related engagements.
CEE also noticed several livelihoods issues as many people only rely on rearing cows and buffaloes for a living. Additionally, the education system is poor and the literacy rate is very low.  Child marriages are a common custom in the area to address these issues, CEE raised awareness and educated local women and children about social, environmental issues and DRR preparedness.  
Lastly, opportunities for skill development and boosting traditional knowledge, were discussed. Possible changes included shifting to managing fisheries, poultry and bee keeping. These ideas were met with keen interest from the villagers. Gram Pradhan along with other people in the village showed keen interest and have accepted to give their full support to continue these activities in future.     
Dr. Abdhesh Kumar Gangwar, Dr. Apurva Rai, and Mr. Ram Avadh represented CEE Himalaya and RCE Srinagar. CEE’s Give2Asia has supported the DRR Preparedness project, which was initially proposed for 35 schools and 20 villages. It later extended to the entire Jarwal block, including 121 villages, 78 Gram Panchayats and 234 Government Primary Schools. Team CEE and RCE Srinagar facilitated various trainings, interacted with participants, and collected data for assessment and future interventions.