Call for International Mountain Conference abstracts
2019-02-02 - 433 Views
The goal of the IMC is to stimulate cross-disciplinary exchange on mountain research questions and initiate or foster collaboration between different disciplines worldwide. In particular, a workshop will be conducted on the social inclusive development of mountains. Topics including gender, generation and diversity as a driver for adaptation to structural changes will be explored. Hosted in the Alps, the IMC 2019 will provide an excellent opportunity for experts from different disciplines to come together and discuss mountain-related issues.
The International Mountain conference is looking for contributions that deal with the different living and working conditions of women and men, as well as active and retired generations or other disadvantaged groups in mountain regions and their capacity to shape their economic, social and ecological environment all over the world.
Flash talks and posters should be addressed on the following topics:
Role models of women and men of different generations as represented in the economic, social and ecological sphere in mountain regions, their challenges and changes,
Explanations and theoretical perspeUniversität Innsbruckctives of the unequal situation of disadvantaged groups in mountain regions,
Role of women and men according to their socially attributed roles in climate adaption and disaster management of mountain regions,
Analysis to what extent livelihoods in mountain regions face specific societal and socio-economic challenges,
Good practice examples, particularly with regard to governance and social innovation.